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About Eagle Robotics Team 399

Lancaster High School’s Eagle Robotics team, FRC 399, provides students with an extracurricular program, in which students gather to build a robot to perform tasks revealed by the organization known as FIRST. These tasks form a game in which students have the chance to apply concepts taught in the classroom and work along side professionals.

The goals of FIRST align directly with our own as we spread science and technology to a national and international audience. This robotics program is an opportunity like no other. Team 399 Eagle Robotics provides many options for students to enhance their knowledge in the fields of electronics, manufacturing, mechanics, marketing, and teamwork.

A Brandeis University Study has shown that:
  • 89% of FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) alumni reported an increased understanding of the role of science and technology in everyday life.
  • 86% of FRC alumni reported an
  • increased interest in science and technology
  • 89% of FRC alumni reported increased self confidence

The fundamental goal of Eagle Robotics is to spread the goals of FIRST effectively and creatively throughout our national and international community. Our students work diligently in order to gain a greater understanding of engineering while at the same time, creating a recognizable image for our program.
Eagle Robotics Mission Statement

How has FIRST changed our lives?


How can you help?

Organizations that choose to support Eagle Robotics through tax-deductible donations are publicly acknowledged in the media, our material and on the robot itself. By lending support to our team, your sponsorship will guarantee that students will leave high school with the skills necessary to succeed as well as lead in today’s society.

Be sure to read more about our sponsors and the role they play in our organization.