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Team 399 - Eagle Robotics


The support of the business community to the youth of this program is the backbone of our team. All donations of funds, merchandise and time will make it possible for the team to succeed. We encourage you to join the team and support us by becoming a sponsor.

NASA Dryden Flight Research Center

NASA has been a big sponsor of our team since we first started. Not only do they sponsor us with money, they also have several mentors that come to help us out with our robot. We thank NASA for their continuous support.

Visit NASA Dryden's website
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Northrop Grumman

Northrop Gumman has been a sponsor of our team for many years. We also have mentors that come from Northrop that greatly assist us with the planning and building of our robot.

Visit Northrop Grumman's website
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Superior Grocers

Last year was Superior Grocers’ first year of sponsoring our team. Their large donation last year was greatly appreciated. We look forward to working with Superior Grocers in the future!

Visit Superior Grocers' website
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Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin has been a great sponsor of Team 399 for several years. Their support over the years has been greatly appreciated.

Visit Lockheed Martin's website.
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This is JT3’s first year of sponsoring Team 399. Their sponsorship was greatly appreciated!

Visit JT3's website


We thank Boeing for the generous donation of a Bridgeport Mill with digital readout and look forward to a continued partnership.

Visit Boeing's website
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BAE Systems

BAE Systems has started sponsoring our team this year. We thank them for their support.

Visit BAE Systems' website
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ITEA (International Test and Evaluation Association)

ITEA has been a great sponsor of Team 399 for many years. Their long-term support has been greatly valued over the years!

Visit ITEA's website
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This year was jcpenney’s first year of sponsoring Team 399. Thanks to jcpenney for their sponsorship!

Visit jcpenney's website
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AeroVironment sponsored Team 399 for its first time this year. They have also come to our team meetings and demonstrated one of their current projects!

Visit AeroVironment's website
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Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus have been an appreciated sponsor of Team 399 for several years. Our thanks go out to them for their continuous support.
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High Desert Medical Group

High Desert Medical Group has started sponsoring our team this year. We thank them greatly for their support!
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Scaled Composites

Scaled Composites has sponsored Team 399 since 2012 and we look forward to their support in the future!
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How Important are Sponsors?


Cost Breakdown

Registration: $5,000
Additional Regional: $4,000
Travel per Student: $1,000