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Helpful Links

Welcome to our Links page! In this section of our site you will be able to find vital resources for your team. Each of the sites below offers helpful information to every aspect of the FIRST competition.
The Chief Delphi forums are the central location for FIRST Robotics teams to communicate and share knowledge. Join today!
EWCP hosts helpful podcasts for all FIRST Robotics teams and provides valuable resources throughout the build and competition season.
AndyMark is an official sponsor and supplier for FIRST. Any replacement parts, wheels or even a full chassis can be purchased here!
The Blue Alliance is a repository of videos spanning several years of FRC competitions. The videos and match scores serve as a vital resource for teams during the competition season. This site is particularly helpful in providing data for scouting.


FIRST offers some ideas as to how a team should be setup and organized to maximize communication and development.
As mentorship is one of the most important features of this program, it is important to understand its role in the program. This link offers a wealth of information to mentors as it provides guidelines and tips.
It is not easy to build a robot, but this link provides a list of resources that are helpful to all teams.
Participating in FIRST is not cheap, however this link provides a number of resources that help a team build a business plan and how to gain the sponsorship necessary to support your program.